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B001 1.3m Queen Bench (2 seater)
B002 1.6m King Bench (3 seater)

B003 1.2m Sleeper Bench (with back)
B004 1.6m Sleeper Bench (with back)

B005 1.2m Garden Bench
B006 1.8m Garden Bench

B007 1.8m School Bench (without back & armrests)

B008 1.8m Bus Stop Bench (with back)

B009 1.8m Change Room Bench

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Bin & Dustbin

BD001 Square Dustbin (with base) – freestanding

BD002 Square Dustbin (swivel)

BD003 Monkey Proof Square Dustbin (swivel)

BD004 Monkey Proof Square Dustbin (freestanding) or can be used as recycling bin or sand / compost bin

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D001 Decking

D002 Picket Fence

D003 Pool Lounger

D004 Bar Stool

D005 Coffee Table 600mm x 400mm

D006 Coffee Table 1.2m X 600mm

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E001 Outrigger Pad

E002 Staircases

E003 Horse Stable

E004 Horse Training Ring

E005 Bridge

E006 Bush Toilet

E007 Jetty

E008 Pallet

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K001 Princess Bench (2 seater)

K002 Kiddies Picnic Set ( A frame)

K003 Kiddies Picnic Set

K004 School Bench – Grade R (2 seater)

K005 Toddler Table with 4 Chairs

K006 Toddler Chair

K007 Jungle Gym

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Picnic Tables and Sets

P001 4 – Seater Picnic Set

(or freestanding)

P002 6 – Seater Picnic Set

(or freestanding)

P003 6 – Seater Picnic Set with back

(or freestanding)

P004 8 – Seater Picnic Set

(or freestanding)

P005 6 – Seater Hex Picnic Set

(or freestanding)

P006 12 – Seater Hex Picnic Set

P007 8 – Seater Lapa Set

P008 1.2m Round Table Set

(4 single seaters)

P009 Garden Set

P010 Patio Set

P011 Hex Tree Set

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S001 Single Seater (with back & armrests)

S002 Single Seater (with back & no armrests)

S003 Single Seater Sloper (with back & armrests)

S004 Single Seater Garden (with back & armrests)

S005 POLO Scoring Table (2 seater)

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Colour choice


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